Essential Poems and Writings of Joyce Mansour. Translated with an introduction by Serge Gavronsky. June 1, 2008

Joyce Mansour (1928–1986) was born in England, raised in Cairo, and moved to France where she quickly became one of the major Surrealist figures around Andre Breton, her writings garnering respect among the Surrealist group of this time period and in Paris in general. Now widely recognized as an important poet in Europe, especially after the release of Hubert Nyssen’s large French compilation of all her poems, essays, and plays which garnered critical acclaim through out Europe, this is the fi rst major anthology of her works to be available in the English language. Translator Serge Gavronsky, who has been writing about, and masterfully translating Mansour’s works for over thirty years, presents a succinct overview of her work and an introduction that places the historical context of her work and her life. Mansour’s violent eroticism (in the 1950’s before the first waves of feminism) and mastery over the poetic form create nothing less than a thoroughly modern poet. 430 pgs.

I am myself/I am the enemy/Alone. “Mansour is an irreplaceable combination of strange originality, masochism, and brilliance. This wonderfully produced collection does her honor, as it should be done, to her surrealism in the strongest sense and the various sorts of cruel beauty she embodied in herself and her writing.”
- Mary Ann Caws, Editor Yale Anthology of Twentieth-Century French Poetry

Serge Gavronsky is professor of French at Barnard University and a renowned translator of French. He is also an accomplished poet and author. His twelve books of original poetry include Le Temps mort, Fragment d’un discour sur la fi n du monde, and 66 for Starters. Other recent titles include: Le Style Appolinaire: The Writing of Guillaume Appolinaire, Towards a New Poetics: Contemporary Writing in France, Une Toute Autre Histoire, Apres Flaubert: Hip Hop Poemes, and Six Contemporary Woman Poets. His writings and translations of Joyce Mansour include: Screams/Cris, and Torn Apart/ dechirures. His five novels, poems, translations, essays, and reviews have been widely published in anthologies, magazines, and journals in Europe and North America.

ISBN: 978-0-9795137-2-5