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How you can buy current Black Widow Press titles in the USA:
(Retailer, Institutional and International ordering information can be found below)

International Orders

Retail Orders

Our books can be ordered through Baker & Taylor, Ingram, most wholesalers, or directly through our distributor: Distributed throughout the United States/Canada/UK by:

National Book Network
15200 NBN Way

Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
8am - 6PM EST
800-462-6420 Phone
800-338-4550 Fax

Retailers in New Zealand & Australia may order our titles through Central Book Services:

Central Book Services
648 Whitehorse Road
Mitcham, Victoria
3132 Australia


Stores without accounts at these companies can order directly from Black Widow Press, with the following terms/conditions:

Pre-paid orders only

Pre-paid or Net 45 days Consignment

Libraries and Universities:


Universities: New Accounts:

Returns Policy:

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